Together we can save Jack and Bobby, one of the few quality shows on TV.  Follow the links below for ways you can support our favorite program!

Updated: 09/10/05

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Help Save Jack & Bobby!

 The "Re-elect McCallister" campaign

Jack & Bobby has been cancelled!  

Check the WB's new 2005 Fall Schedule web page.

Well, the show's been cancelled for awhile now.  We're still waiting for word on a DVD release of the series.  We'll post more info when we have it.  For now you can Vote for a DVD Release!  

This site will stay online, though parts of it may go static.  Also, some of the links below may not work anymore. 

Fortunately, our Save Jack & Bobby Forum is still an active place to discuss the show and any DVD update news with other fans!

Thanks to everyone who supported the show, we gave it our best!


#1 Watch the show and tell your friends!

The Jack & Bobby finale premiered Wednesday, May 11th.  However, you can still read about the latest Jack & Bobby news on the WB Jack & Bobby Forum.


#2 Write a letter to the WB!

Taking the time to actually write a letter (or send a postcard) really shows the network that you support Jack and Bobby.  A strong letter writing campaign has saved many shows in the past.  Just a few sentences about the quality of Jack and Bobby is enough.  And be sure to tell them to "Reelect McCallister."  Send letters to:

David Janollari

WB President

4000 Warner Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91522

Here's what show creator Greg Berlanti has to say: "If the fans would like to start a massive mail-in--I suggest a button with the phrase Reelect McCallister--they should be readying the envelopes now."

Although it is best to write your own letter, a template is available in several formats.  You are allowed to modify it however you want.  And remember, if you do use the template, be sure to sign your name at the bottom!

Note:  Ideally, the template should just be used to give you an idea of what to say and how to format your letter.  You should definitely customize it, just a few sentences will do.  It's possible that if the WB receives too many of the exact same letter, they will disregard them all.  Let's not let that happen!


jackandbobby_template.doc  -  In MS Word Format

jackbobby_template.htm  -  As a Web Page

jandb_template.txt  -  In Plain Text

jackandbobby_template.rtf  -  In RTF

If you're not sure which format to use, try the Web Page version.  Just print it out in your browser and sign it.

Or you can simply send a Postcard!  Some phrases you may use are "Reelect McCallister" or just "Save Jack & Bobby!"


#3 DVD Vote, Various Poll Results

DVD Vote:

We can now vote for the release of a Jack & Bobby DVD!  First go to and register.  Don't worry, registration is quick and easy.  Next, click "TV Show Voting" and search for Jack & Bobby.  You can also follow this link to vote for a DVD:

You also have the chance to leave some comments about the show that may be read by studio executives!  Happy voting!

USA Today S.O.S. Poll Results:

You can find the results of the USA Today Poll here!  You can also read submitted viewer comments for the poll.


Pittsburgh Post Gazette Poll Results:

For the WB, Jack & Bobby ranked 3rd (behind Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven) in shows' viewers want to keep.  Check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Poll Results!

There's also a brief mention about Jack & Bobby in this companion article to the poll.


Finally, here are the results of the E-Online S.O.S. Poll:

Total number of votes: 686,323

15. The Wire (HBO): Less than 1%
14. Kevin Hill (UPN): Less than 1%
13. Medical Investigation (NBC): Less than 1%
12. The West Wing (NBC): Less than 1%
11. Jack & Bobby (WB): 1%
10. North Shore (Fox): 1%
9. Joan of Arcadia (CBS): 2%
8. Point Pleasant (Fox): 2.5%
7. Enterprise (UPN): 3%
6. Tru Calling (Fox): 5%
5. Life as We Know It (ABC): 5.5%
4. Charmed (WB): 6%
3. American Dreams (NBC): 7%
2. Arrested Development (Fox): 9%
1. Veronica Mars (UPN): 56%

Unfortunately, we did not win the S.O.S. poll.  That's why it's so important that you write a letter to the WB President and take part in the Campaign Member Missions.


#4 Sign the "Keep Jack & Bobby" petition!

Sign the Keep Jack & Bobby Petition at  It's quick, easy, and you won't get spammed.  At last count there were over 2,583 signatures!


#5 Keep the online community active!

Share your thoughts about current and past episodes of the show.  Discuss which characters you really like, and where you think the plot is headed.  In short, keep the community active!  Even if it's just a sentence or two, you're still helping to keep the Jack and Bobby "buzz" alive.  Here are some places where you can post messages:

You're also encouraged to create your own Jack and Bobby forums and fan web sites.  You can create your own web site at Yahoo! Geocities and your own group at Yahoo! Groups


#6 Promote this site and others like it!

Let this site be a rallying point for Jack and Bobby fans!  You are freely allowed to link to this site where ever you see fit:

Also promote the sites below:

* Keep Jack & Bobby Petition:

* TV Shows On DVD Vote:

* Jack & Bobby Campaign Page:

* Seriados-Tv - Jack & Bobby:

* Robert McCallister For President:

You can also start your own organization to help save Jack & Bobby!


#7 Join the Campaign!

Join the Jack & Bobby Campaign!  Just send an email to the address below and you can help participate in saving the show.  They plan on having various fun missions to spread the word about Jack & Bobby.

To join, send an email to:

Also check out their Jack & Bobby Campaign Page.

Be sure to participate in their Member Missions!


#8 Support the Sponsors!

By supporting the sponsors you can help support Jack & Bobby.  Make it a point to purchase products advertised during the show, especially Lipton Tea.  During certain episodes you can clearly see Lipton products.  You are highly encouraged to contact Lipton and thank them for supporting Jack & Bobby (works).     

Here's a sample message, but please use it only as an example.  It's important you make sure that whatever you say is in your own words.  Be creative:

I have recently noticed several Lipton products shown on the TV series Jack & Bobby.  I am very glad to see Lipton supporting such a great show.  In return, I plan on purchasing several Lipton products in the near future.  Thanks.

Be sure to support Axe too, as their body spray was featured on the show!

A list of additional sponsors can be found at:

Try sending letters and emails to these sponsors letting them know you appreciate their support of Jack & Bobby.


#9 Email the WB!

Sending an email is one of the easiest and most effective ways of supporting our show!

Quoting their web site: "To contact The WB with comments about our programming or our website, e-mail"

So be sure to Email The WB and tell them how much you enjoy Jack & Bobby!

 Also, Warner Bros. Studios has a section of their web site for fan mail.  Check it out:

Send Fan Mail Here:  Warner Bros. Online Fan Mail

Then you can check out their Fan Support FAQ or contact WB customer service.


Jack & Bobby Links

Here are some additional links to Jack and Bobby related web sites:


Google Jack and Bobby web search

Google Jack and Bobby news search

Yahoo! Jack and Bobby web search



You can post your ideas for saving Jack & Bobby on our new forum.  You're also free to discuss any topic relevant to the show.  There's no need to register, so post away!


About Us

The Save Jack & Bobby Campaign, or Reelect McCallister campaign, is a grassroots effort by fans of the series.  Or goals include promoting the show and ensuring it gets renewed for another season.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions

I am definitely open to any feedback or ideas you might have.  Also, if you want to add a Jack and Bobby link to this page, go ahead and email me and I'd be happy to include it.

You can reach me at: